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Ants can be more than just a nuisance. They can congregate in your pantries and ruin your food supplies. They can make your home uninviting to guests, and, if not dealt with immediately, can even damage the wooden framework of your property!

Remove that danger for good by calling professionals at Expert Pest Control!

At Expert Pest Control, we use the ants’ own natural behavior to eliminate them completely. We check everywhere - even the tiniest nest locations like lawns, walls, stumps, even under your foundation – to get at their colonies. Since those colonies can grow to be approximately 300,000 to 500,000 ants strong, we use only the most effective ant control and non-repellent methods, such as Termidor, Arllion, and other ant baits, to prevent the colony from growing any bigger.

Once the ants take the bait – no matter if they are in egg, larvae, pupae, or adult stage – they, and most importantly the queen ant, cannot survive long in their current nesting site. They either die or are relocated somewhere outside of the area. This method is not only the most effective way of getting rid of ants for good, but also the safest for both your family and your home.

ant infestation in house

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are different from their standard 6-legged cousins. They are larger in size, reside both inside and outdoors, and can live up to 25 years at a time! But the major difference for carpenter ants is the way they nest.

Carpenter ants cut galleries into decaying or hollow wood, and also create passageways for large-scale movement for their colony. This can be disastrous for your home! While the ants don’t feed on the wood, the cavities they create can weaken and destroy the structural integrity of your dwelling; creating unsafe conditions for you and your loved ones.

Some other key characteristics that you can use to identify Carpenter ant colonies include:

  • Carpenter ant adults are generally larger than other ants and black in color. However, there are some exceptions. Some carpenter ant species can have red or orange color splashes over parts of their bodies.
  • Carpenter ants attack wood after it has been weakened by moisture or decay. They also create nests for their colonies in such conditions. Termites, by contrast, eat wood in any condition and do not makes nests.
  • Carpenter ants prefer to make their nests in secluded places, such as attics, underneath floor coverings, and wall cracks.
  • Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal creatures; hunting and foraging for food at night.
  • Carpenter ants may defensively bite if their nest is disturbed.

Expert Pest Control eliminates carpenter ant nests at the source; clearing your home of all problem creatures, and their queen, to help you protect your best investment.

Termidor Insecticide

When you try, do-it-yourself extermination in your home, it can generally make your problems even worse! Why? Because most of the sprays and repellents you buy in the chain stores can cause a phenomenon called “budding.” Budding is when ants scatter and separate from their original nests and go and start new colonies of their own.

That is why Expert Pest Control ends ant problems using Termidor Insecticide. Not only does Termidor stop the budding process before it even begins, it is more effective than other agents by far!

The secret is in the advanced, undetectable treatment. When applied outside of your home, in ant colonies, ants never even know it is there or avoid it. They ingest the treated materials like they would any other sustenance and then spread the lethal doses to other members of their colony – even their queen!

Outdoor Non-Repellent Ant Control

Termidor Termiticide has been used in more than 1 million homes across the U.S., and is proven to eliminate all termite problems in less than 3 months. Now, they have perfected their methods even further and taken aim at problem ants outside of your home as well!

Expert Pest Control now offers Termidor Ant Control due to its effectiveness and speed! Invading ants generally build their colonies outside of your home and travel back in for food and water. Once Termidor Ant Control is applied to the exterior foundation of your house, it creates a treated area of protection that works all day and night.

Best of all, this type of protection works more than one way as well! Not only do the ants eventually die from contact (in a timely manner), the ingested materials control them to return to the hive to spread the agent to other ants in their colony. You see wide-spread results in as little as 1-3 days, and subsequent ant and insect problems disappear within a week.