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Bird watching is a fun and interesting pastime. There are so many different species and varieties to study, it makes for a rich and valuable hobby. However, the game really changes when you watch those birds fly into your home or business to make their nests.

Your unwanted avian intruders make too much noise, cause distraction, drop their “presents” and carry bird mites all over everything. It can truly be an unsafe and unsanitary mess.

But Expert Pest Control is here to help you keep the birds in your area outdoors, where they belong! We use a product called Avitrol. Avitrol’s active ingredient 4-Aminopyridine (4AP) is an acute oral toxicant (chemical) which is used as a human drug for treating multiple sclerosis (MS), and other conditions involving nerve damage. It is used in Avitrol Brand baits because it has the ability to artificially induce a bird's natural fright response. This peculiar behavior is interpreted by the remainder of the flock as an alarm or distress reaction that frightens the flock from that location. An affected bird may fly erratically, stumble like a drunk when it attempts to walk, become completely quiet so that you may pick it up, and some species may vocalize due to stimulation of the septum. Unaffected members of the flock that witness this peculiar behavior will interpret these reactions as those of a bird that is in distress (injured or stressed), or alarmed (frightened). This will frighten the flock. If Avitrol products have been properly used, most species of birds will associate the reaction with the location and leave.

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Bird Control Options


Once bird baits are ingested, it first causes the nervous system to become very quiet. The bird will then lose control of its motor functions and expires painlessly.


Bird netting is simple, yet effective. It acts as the perfect barrier to keep birds out of your rafters, eaves, and other domestic areas.

Wires & Spikes:

Bird wires and spikes are not meant to impale birds, just keep them from roosting and nesting.

Small Non-Lethal Shocks:

Non-lethal shocks create the perfect deterrent for birds. Skittish birds, where there are threats of any type will not stay in the same location.

Noise and Light Devices:

Noise devices work equally well on flocks as they do on individual birds. Create the right kind of noise and birds will not stay in their nesting locations.