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Your home or business is a paradise to cockroaches. It presents opportunities for food, warmth, and a place where they can populate in overwhelming numbers, all year round. Cockroaches are masters at getting into your home or business through cracks, crevices, sewer pipes or can be brought in with boxes or used equipment and can be notoriously hard to eliminate on your own. You need the experienced services of true cockroach elimination specialists who can fix your issues for good. You need comprehensive roach-killing services from Expert Pest Control.

Since 1991, we have been doing battle with urban and suburban cockroach populations. In all that time, we have perfected our materials and methods to give our customers better options when it comes to these invading insects. From single sightings and small clusters to massive home and business infestations, we’re here to handle everything to give you total peace of mind.

cockroach infestation in house

Are Cockroaches That Dangerous?

Cockroaches are covered in bacteria that emit unpleasant smells. Though they can be useful when disposing of decaying materials, your standard cockroach infestation can end your business (food service), and aggravate allergies too. Discarded cockroach skins, dead bodies, and cockroach droppings can be especially damaging to children and the severely allergic.

What Can Expert Pest Control Do for Me?

Expert Pest Control uses the best non-repellent products. We also use roach baits and roach pheromone monitors to knock down these pests for good. For MAJOR infestations, we offer foggings with Pyretrhins to knock severe populations quickly.