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Controlling these potentially dangerous insects

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Mosquito Control

Expert Pest Control has been providing mosquito control services for over 25 years unlike the new franchise mosquito control companies arriving newly on the market. Some franchisers having no pest control experience whatsoever.

The mosquito may be the most dangerous insect in the world. It is capable of carrying and transmitting hundreds of diseases such as the Zika & West Nile Virus, malaria, and various forms of encephalitis. Mosquitoes are also the carriers of worms, including heartworms and the parasite that causes elephantiasis. Aside from occasional summer swarms, any large scale mosquito infestation MUST be dealt with immediately.

What We Look For:
At Expert Pest Control, there are certain things we know that help us in our mission. For instance, it is only the female mosquito that bites. She does this because she needs a blood meal in order for her eggs to develop.

When she bites, the mosquito releases an anticoagulant in her saliva to thin the blood. Many people experience intense itching and, sometimes, pain. In some cases, this anticoagulant contains disease-causing agents.

If there is any standing water in a yard, mosquitoes can take over and reproduce very fast. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and lay their eggs within, producing larvae that pupate and become adults within a few days, depending on temperature. This life cycle repeats and soon your yard could become a honeymoon haven for mosquitoes. Only mosquito control can stop the life cycle and help you take back what is yours.

exterminator spraying for mosquitos and ticks

Expert Pest Control applies our outstanding insecticide products with a powermister to areas that harbor adult mosquitos. These can include:

  • Thick Ground Cover
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Under Decks
  • And Other Places…

This process kills existing adult mosquitoes, and leaves a residual coating that will also eliminate any new mosquitos that decide to land.

Our mosquito control program can stop the life cycle and help take back your yard.

NJ Mosquito Control Association

*Expert Pest Control is a proud member of the NJ Mosquito Control Association

Tick Control

Ticks are the type of insect everyone dreads. When someone hears “he’s got a tick on him,” they almost always go into a panic mode and reach for the tweezers to pull them off. And they’re right to do so.

Like mosquitos, ticks need blood to live and feed their young. Also like mosquitos, they can carry very serious diseases, and can affect both humans and animals; making their host very sick.

But the difference with ticks is that they insidiously borough under the skin. They release harmful fluids and bacteria, and can cause major health problems if undetected or allowed to remain.

Expert Pest Control offers fast, effective comprehensive tick control to help eliminate this deadly problem. Expert Pest Control customers will also be happy to know that our mosquito control service also controls ticks. One service, no extra charge for ticks. As a member of the NJ Pest Control Association, our technicians are fully-trained and licensed, and use the latest products and techniques.

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