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Rodents, Mice and Rats

Rodents are warm blooded mammals who love to chew on EVERYTHING. This can not only be a problem for your prized possessions but can also cause great damage in and around your home! They can get anywhere – into walls and foundations, throughout attics and basements. They are sleek, streamlined survivors who are bred to seek warmth for their nests.

Rodents are also rapid breeders. They populate year-round, which means that if you do not check the problem at the first opportunity, you could have thousands on your property within months! This is especially problematic for the agricultural community, as rodents can eat and contaminate foods quickly in all types of food stores and restaurants.

Control Methods

Expert Pest Control offers a variety of rodent problem-solving solutions for every customer:

  • Exclusion Methods
  • Liquid Baits
  • Rodenticides
  • Tracking Powder
  • Perimeter Rodent Control Programs (Each of these methods stops rodents outside first before they can get inside your structure)
  • Pre-demolition rodent control. This is required by many towns before demolition of buildings or large scale land clearing can begin