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Expert’s Snow Removal Services

Finding the right company to clear away your snow isn’t always easy. Knowing who to trust during nasty winter weather is can make all the difference. 


The good news is, if you live in the Burlington, NJ area, there’s only one call you need to make: that is to Expert Pest Control!


Expert Pest Control is already the premier name in the termite and pest control field but we also offer exceptional snow and ice control services too! Properly insured with the correct liability, auto, and workers comp insurance.

Our company can handle any snow removal project Mother Nature can throw our way: large-scale commercial properties, residential walkway, and driveways. Expert Pest Control uses the most modern snow-clearing vehicles, equipment, and deicer as well to ensure that every project is done on time, on budget, and in time for whatever you need.


But don’t just take our word for it! Ask around about our company and our snow removal services. We thrive on referrals and always strive to offer the most exceptional assistance and FREE on-site estimates to all of our customers. We’ll even come to you, mark off all the important elements of your yard or business park - flowerbeds, fire hydrants, and mailboxes – and leave a clean, snow-free space you can use how you want to!


For more information concerning our snow removal services, or to schedule your own personalized on-site estimate, please call Expert Pest Control at 609-387-1116.

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